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Spotted...09 with colourmatched parts

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Well, this morning I saw a 2009 Escape XLT that had a colourmatched front grille instead of chrome. This is a factory option on the new models right?
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I thought I read somewhere it was an option on the 09's, but can't recall where. Thought it might be a Limited thing?

I can't find it now on build a ford or in the brochoure you can creat online; yet the paint page shows a solid kiwi green.... so somehow it's possible.

I don't get it, to me chrome should represent higher levels in the trim vs body color: xls-body colr, xlt 1/2 chrome, lmt all chrome grill & accessories. But that's just me. Now if it where real chrome, not this plastic junk...
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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