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Squishy......TSB section...what about the 09's?

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Been a big lurker on all areas of this board since picking up an 09 V6 4WD months ago, finally created an account. :shades:

Anyhow in that TSB section, lots of stuff for up to the 08's but otherwise looks like it hasnt been touched in quite a long time. 09's have been around quite awhile now, so how about throwing up a pile of those on there some time? I've already had mine in for one problem that turned out to be part of a TSB...... check engine light on caused by cracked exhaust Y pipe, so I know the 09's arent carrying a clean sheet as far as TSB's go.

Anyhow if not, and you or anyone else reading this has access to the system, I would greatly appreciate if you could look up and see if there are any wind noise related ones for the 09's. There seem to be a few areas in my escape that seem to have relatively more wind noise then they should, but one area, the driver door, that is very prominant. As far as the door/window goes, there is a prominant change/increase in noise right at just over 40mph under normal conditions when it is dry out, but that does not appear and stays quiet if the escape is wet (I'd say while raining, but that could be written off as rain drowning out normal noise....but it is still noticeably quiter after rain has stopped and escape still wet compared to normal). I just hate to take cars in for very subjective stuff like that as most the time they are too quick to write anything like that off as normal. I usually just take care of it myself unless there TSB's out for the condition indicating to the techs that it is a legitimate issue and not just customer being to picky or something.
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