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Wheel shake is caused when a potentially slight imbalance gyrates more than normal due to loose bushings/fittings/etc in the steering. Ball joint wear can allow the tires to move. Any looseness can shake back and forth, and increase the shake with increased speed. It was called shimmy back in the day. Imbalance would shake the steering wheel, and due to going over a bump/pothole, it would start shaking with imbalance that increased with speed getting worse as the parts went back and forth. Slow down, and the shaking went away, and you could speed up until the next bump started things oscillating.
If it smells of burned rubber, it could be caused by slippage because of oil/liquid getting onto the serpentine belt, which will generate odor.
OTOH, if you have EPAS - electrically power assisted steering - the shaking could be the sensor in the steering column getting bogus information indicating you wanted to turn L or R, and the system then applying power to the motor that helps you steer. That could also cause electrical smell.
Given the need to have steering that WORKS.... I would suggest taking it to a mechanic or dealer for inspection. If you have access to a scan tool, you may be able to read a code stored that indicated if there was an EPAS problem.

DO not ignore the problem hoping it will go away, as it could prove expensive.
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