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Stock radio?

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I just bought this 06 Escape Limited. Where the heck did this radio come from? Its gotta be a Ford, but it doesn't look like any Escape radio I've seen.

Can I swap it out for the one I pulled from my 03? Or did the wiring change?
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OK -- it definitely looked like it wasn't the original.

I'll probably try to eBay it and get the one that's supposed to be in there. Can anyone help me identify what this one actually is, so I know what to put in the auction description? I tried looking at a couple of the Ford radio repair sites (they have lots of pictures of factory HUs) but didn't find a match.

tok said:

It is the exact same radio that I have in my Escape.
So, yup, it's a Ford radio.

Really? With the tan/black display?
I picked up the truck last night, and I'm thinking that I was wrong about the radio. With the headlights on, the display matches the dash perfectly -- it lights up green. Who knows what the deal is with this, but the radio really does match the interior. And its a 6-disc and doesn't sound too bad.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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