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I have a 2008 Limited with the Audiophile 6 disk cd, Sirius, etc. When in regular FM mode, the RDS will display the station name then switch and show the Artist/Title automatically if the info is available. however when in SAT mode, the display remains on the station until i hit the "Text" button. At which point the display shows the Artist/Title until i change stations and/or switch sources. On return to SAT i have to hit the text button again.

Is there any way to configure the stereo to automatically display Artist/Title on each station without having to hit the text button. this is my first vehicle with a factory sat radio, previously i had a Sirius Sportster 4 that would show the Station name and then switch to Artist/Title automatically. I know not all functions i had before are available in a factory unit, but this seems like it should be standard.

Any help would be appreciated.


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