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Stock Subwoofer

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Does anyone know what size and brand the 2005 ford escape hybrid subwoofer is? I have the upgrade cd based navigation and I assume upgraded speakers. Also does anyonw know if the cd changer they put in that vehicle with the cd based navigation is able to play mp3?

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Davis137 said:
Well, if your truck is an 05, and it HAS a subwoofer, then it's going to be an 8", and it's made for Ford by JBL (mind you, low-rent JBL).
Low Rent=Junk is what you are trying to say?
2003EscapeXLT said:
I was given a factory sub/amp recently (for free) and just installed it this past weekend. Now it won't rattle your filling out of your mouth, but for a factory sub I think it fills in the other 6 speakers nicely.

I thought the same thing.
kkreit01 said:
It will be better than nothing, but no comparison to a (halfway) decent aftermarket 8 and amp. I would never pay to add the factory set up if I didn't have it.
It was in there when I bought it.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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