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Strange but True Game

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The rules are simple for this game. Every question has to have the word "strangest" in it. All you have to do is answer the previous poster's question but it has to be an honest answer then you get to ask one yourself. Capeche?? :shades: Alrighty then, let's get started. :D

What is the strangest food you have eaten?
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sleep walking.

What is the strangest car youv'e ever driven ?. ( For example ,i once had a renault as a loan car. French cars , seem to have everything back to front) :confused:
I found this very unusual handset transceiver. Knew immediately that technology of this walkie talkie, was engineered by aliens on another planet. Overall the radio was totally stunning, in design because of it's simplicity.

When i picked it up, the display flashed rainbow colours in rapid pulses. Also it then progressed , into displaying all these strange symbols. I knew the symbols were not of our earth. At random moments, the radio screen showed very quick images of hieroglyphs. FREAKY DREAM! No i do not take drugs. My anxiety was intense.

In this dream, i knew the government 'black budget' people would have a recovery team on stand by. Decided to go to my friends place, and reveal to him what i found. I do not have a lot of friends. Also he is the only one i can trust. We both have something in common. My friend and i ,know exactly how to read betwen the lines.

So there i was, in heavily wooded scrub country, of the mountain ranges. Time was critical. I jogged along the hiking trail. My car was safe. It was imperative , to drive to my friends place. We both knew that the government, could not be trusted with this technology. They have kept too much info, hidden from the public for years. Just for this one situation " THE ELITISTS MUST NOT WIN ". My acquaintance plus myself, were discussing how to keep this alien handset safe.

We knew that the government agents, could easily make us dissapear without a trace, if they ever clued on to our unique other worldly device. Another problem, was how to get around " Neighbourhood watch ". We are all for crime prevention, but sometimes people get nosy exactly when they are not welcome. The " Dob in your neighbour " was in full swing. Mate and i, be of the opinion that in future times, this neighbour security scheme will have more sinister overtones.

The dream ended, as i was having a chat with my friend. I felt seriously cheesed off upon waking. All i can recall, is that alien handset was so beautiful, it defies the imagination. How attractive was it? Like you would not believe was possible. I can not actually describe it in words.
:confused: :roll: :whistle:

The hieroglyphs i recognised. What about those other symbols?. They can not be explained in words. I can guarantee you, that in my dream there is nothing on our earth, that is similar to the aliens symbols. They are definitely unique. Once again, i do not consume dangerous substances. Also the dream was not alcohol induced.

Have you ever been somewhere in your travels , and knew you felt uncomfortable? You instinctively know theres a reason, but somehow it can't be pin pointed. Because of this, it makes the situation more confusing. It sort of feels like a jigsaw puzzle. That one piece refuses to fit. Keep in mind i am not referring to, the jigsaw puzzle you would buy from a shop.
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A ' Speedo ' swimming bather that was a bit garish. No one seemed to notice, but i felt a bit self conscious.

Which period in your life, do you consider as your favourite decade.?
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