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strange problem

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Ok first excuse the length, but you need to know all to possibly help me. I got my escape in February and it started running rough I ended up replacing the battery, tesioners, belts, alternator and major tune up. now 5-6 months later my escape started running rough again, I troubleshooted and every thing led to the alternator. I pulled out and had it tested and it was dead. I got a new one under warranty and installed, and all worked good again until. the first time i went through this i bought a voltage monitor that plugs into the cigarette lighter and have been monitoring it while driving the past few days since the alternator was replaced. I have noticed that when I first start up it is all fine, but when i am fully warmed up and go from any speed to a stop the voltage will go from normal charging of 13.5 - 14.2 volts down to 12.25 volts and as i sit idling it will slowly discharge the battery. I thought it was the ac because it has been 105 around where i live, but i drove for a while no ac and pulled the fuse just to be sure and was still happening. I have never seen this much drop between driving and idle.. any ideas ?

thanks in advance guy and gals

Dale :rockon:
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Okay, a ciggie lighter voltmeter? I personnally wouldn't think that would be too precise of an instrument. Never mind the quality of the reading...

You want to measure the output? Imo, it's better to get up close and personal with the battery + and - posts using at least a volt-ohm meter. Bound to be better...

After starting the engine the alternator should give a high reading. That is normal to recharge the battery, and then dropping off after the battery is charged. This is quite normal. That is what the alternator is supposed to do. Eh?
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