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Strut Mount (?)

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After driving the wife's "06" Hybrid for a day. It's time to replace the Struts and shocks on my "02" (pot-holes aren't helping any) I've already decided on KYB's. But for a few dollars more,I can replace the (front springs too) My Q is. What is the part called that holds the spring in place. (?) At Rock-Auto, they have 3 or 4 different mounts or kits for the Strut :bang: . For questionable minds here. (why) I want to able too remove the Strut and replace it with a new one. I just don't want to mess with the spring compressor twice....... Thanks, PK
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Upper and lower spring seats?

I'll put up a how-to shortly that has an exploded view with what the parts are called.

The exploded view is in the second half. ;)
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