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In February I picked up an 03 XLT with the 3.0 motor. Shortly thereafter I experienced the idle drop and stalling issues associated with the IAC valve which were resolved after a good cleaning and no problems for over 3000 miles. Until yesterday when my daughter called me to tell me that the engine was racing at idle and that on the road she could go 50 mph without touching the accelerator and that braking was also quite difficult. Sounds like a runaway Toyota. :confused:

Sure enough, when I checked it out the RPMs were over 2K and when I rapped on the IAC and they went up even higher. A quick trip to AutoZone and $45 for a new one and problem solved. I only wish I had just replaced the :censor: thing to begin with instead of cleaning it. Hope this helps out anyone else who has experienced a runaway throttle problem.
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