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2002 Mazda Tribute DX 2.0 4 cylinder, 5 speed man.

3 Months ago the bucking started, only at low rpm while maintaining a constant speed.

The car has 60000 so I did some tune ups, it was pulled behind a rv so it could have less. New plugs and wires, PVC valve, still nothing. Cleaned the MAF and things were great. Now it has started again. Clean it and replaced the MAF with a new one,things are still the same as before. When the MAF sensor is unplugged the stutter doesn't seem as bad around 2000 rpm. It is rough to start every once in a while. I can also feel a couple of pauses while acclerating.

I did the propane test to see if I have a vacuum leak. The propane did not increase the trottle enough to notice when i stuck it in the intake also. Am I doing this wrong? I disconnected the EGR to make sure it was not the DPFE sensor.
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