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Sub Install

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I've been back in forth 100 times over, and I've made my decision. After getting my Alpine head unit I have been determined to finish my system. I have decided to run one AQHDC318 powered by an AQ2200D. Should sound good. I love bass but, I'm pretty handy at setting systems up to where the mids and highs can still be heard crystal clear. I listen to all music from reagee to country to metal to rap and R&B. So, I think this will help feed my love for bass after doing some research. But, first step 2 or 3 layers of Dynamat! Yay FUN FUN!!! :rockon:
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I like that alot better thn the Dynamat actually and I haven't even thought about electrical. I understand I will need to do some upgrading. As for this whole project my exhaust system will be first then I will jump back into the audio. I like your setup! Electrical wise, what would be some good upgrades for my 2007. The sub is 2,000 watts peak. I won't be running it at 2,000 watts obviously. But, anyway electrically what's up for me. I'm pretty knowledgeable in everything else besides the electrical what not... thank you!
Get that instead of Dynamat, it is a better bang for your buck.
Yeah, I agree. I looks alot better. I like the Spetrum Sludge spray. I'm super good with a spray gun as I got the spray kit for their bed liner I did throughout my dad's jeep. I think that's what I'll do. I've heard good things about the company and both products. Thank you for reminding me bro. PS- The whip looks great!!! :thumb:
I was just gonna do the coppers dude. I'm 16 gotta save as much money as possible but, from what I've been reading the sub like u said is solid and will do well over 2000.
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