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first time making any kind of post but I'm pretty lost. I've had subwoofers in my 2011 Escape XLT for a few months now and the whole time I've been having this problem where around 3mph, the amp will randomly cut out, so whenever i'm in reverse or coming to a stop (but sometimes they'll cut back on.) i think it's some kind of weird voltage drop but I'm not sure, so next step is to go to the forums i guess.
here's my setup:
  • kenwood jvc touchscreen head unit
  • 2x 10in dual subs
  • planet audio 2500w 2 channel amp
  • brand new wiring
  • just put in a 3.5 farad planet audio capacitor
  • and i have like a 900cca optima battery
anyone else had this happen or heard of this happening? it's super frustrating
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