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Suggestions on getting AC to the grill?

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So I added my Christmas lights to the cargo rack again this year, but want to add a lighted wreath to the grill. Any suggestions on getting power to them?

Plan B would be to find som DC powered Christmas lights, then find a way to tap off say the headlights or fogs...
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Christmas lights are Christmas lights. The only thing you need to worry about is how many of them are wired in series on a given string. The AC or DC doesn't matter (in most cases for Christmas lights).

Let us say that an old light set you have laying around is 35 per strand. 110 / 35 = 3.2 V. So, you hack up that old light set into bunches of 4, so that these 4 can be powered by 12 V from the battery. Use a fuseable connection that, if it were to blow, wouldn't bring anything else down with it.

I used to use batches of 4 Christmas lights to provide under-dash accent lighting back in the day. I even had them hooked up to the dimmable instrument panel circuits in my old Buick.

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