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Sunroof Switch Short?

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Hey all!
Still a noob around here but absolutely in love with my Escape, just got done taking it on a 1200 mile roadtrip and it ran like a dream! (First car never to have problems with the trip). I am noticing that when I try to open and close the sunroof, I have to hold the switch practically in the middle (it is a toggle type switch, where you have to hold it to close the sunroof). I am wondering how to remove the panel/switch so I can check to see if it is a loose connection or short or something. If anyone has a diagram or some advice on how to do this I would really appreciate it, as I'll get charged my first born at a garage or dealership!
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Dont have the schematics and I am sure they are on the way, but why not take it back to the dealership and have them work on it under warranty.
Nevermind I read 2010 instead of 2002
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