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ok so i have a genuine ford sunroof wind deflector for the 2006 Escape. It has weather stripping on the bottom contact patch, and is attached with two bolts and two accompanying brackets

my question is this...someone was walking by as i was installing and was like, oh man you have to put water sealant compound on the bottom of the sunroof deflector, otherwise the water sits in there and gets trapped, then gets into the sunroofs tracks and shorts out the sunroof mechanism costing thousands

my sunroof delfector is original ford part, and all it came with were the two brackets, the two screws to screw those brackets to the deflector and some clear tape (for what i think is to protect the paint behind the bracket from rubbing)??? i bet he probably had a cheap aftermarket tape you guys think i should be putting sealant (like silicone) along my weather strip to add extra protection? will water get locked in there and rust?

what do you guys think that have installed the screw and braket type deflector (not the tape on style)? do i need to do this step???
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