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Suspension & Lifting

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Okay, first post here goes....

I am looking to increase my 2002 Escape's off road performance, so I figured to start with a suspension lift.
However, all I can find is an Old Man Emu 1.75" lift kit,
Of course, I will also be putting on larger tires, looking at 31s?

Will this make the vehicle at a much higher risk of roll over, or just slightly? I also heard that this is a bad
idea as the Escape has eight CV Joints and it can create alot of issues?

And don't say buy a Wrangler, I already have an Escape and $500 for suspension upgrade isn't bad vs $5,000
for unknown condition and reliability Wrangler.

If it is to much of a head ache I will just go with stock height and forget it!

**I only do moderate trails and light mudding. Nothing crazy like rock crawling!**
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Sounds like one for megascape and SUVord, they are our resident lift experts. I go stock height, and well, I get hung up sometimes, but the Escape will go off road a lot better than most people give it credit for.

oh, and Welcome to the city! :welcome:

By the way, I'd never suggest you get a Wrangler, now a Bronco, you might catch me suggesting those. :thumb:
SUVord said:
4/I can roll a weekend edition newspaper with 100 pages to the same diameter with a Tuesday's edition paper.If hit with the weekend edition you will feel the hit while Tuesdays edition will be barely felt.
Sounds as if you speak from experience, should I find myself in your vicinity I'll avoid weekends. :bang: :bust:

On a more serious note, thanks to all for posting this information, I'm soaking it in as well, since my Escape's suspension is going to need some TLC this year I believe. I'm debating leaving it OEM or upgrading.
Awesome, glad to hear it went well. Can't wait for pics. :thumb:
1 - 3 of 46 Posts
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