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Suspension & Lifting

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Okay, first post here goes....

I am looking to increase my 2002 Escape's off road performance, so I figured to start with a suspension lift.
However, all I can find is an Old Man Emu 1.75" lift kit,
Of course, I will also be putting on larger tires, looking at 31s?

Will this make the vehicle at a much higher risk of roll over, or just slightly? I also heard that this is a bad
idea as the Escape has eight CV Joints and it can create alot of issues?

And don't say buy a Wrangler, I already have an Escape and $500 for suspension upgrade isn't bad vs $5,000
for unknown condition and reliability Wrangler.

If it is to much of a head ache I will just go with stock height and forget it!

**I only do moderate trails and light mudding. Nothing crazy like rock crawling!**
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ertjeffrey said:
Thanks guys for your replies!

I am going to get the Old Man Emu 1.75" lift kit, however it does not include struts...When I called OME they told me to use the stock struts you can get from Autozone. Not sure I trust basic struts to hold well under off road use, what struts do you guys advice under the $200 price mark for both sides?

Also I would appreciate more information regarding the skid plates please. If to complex i'll just have you make them...
Stock Ford struts are excellent!!!They work perfect with OME shocks.Any better and you talk megabacks for professional racers.The OME shocks were designed, constructed and tried with the original Ford struts.
The best quality skid plates I have tried are made by the Israeli company "ASFIR".
As for 18" rims and beefy!Wide and very low profile, may be.But certainly not for off-road use.
If just the springs are changed to longer ones and the shocks stay the same, there is a lot of shock travel loss which will affect traction, handling and is not a recommended thing to do.Any kind of lift needs shocks wich can handle it.
I just saw the beer kegs and jumped in.
:beer: to all!
3001SCAPE, the OME rig from sierra expeditions is the complete set needed.
I had the exact same set up in mine for two years, bought at a local representative here, and I was very satisfied.You will notice a true firmness in steering without sacrificing anything in comfort.
These struts and shocks may look stock in size but are very different in their travel, their compression speed and their response.Plus, they match the corresponding springs perfectly.
They are a complete set-up without cutting corners.
1/Any change of springs on cars like the Escape do not just change the body height but the vehicle height as an entity.Thus the difference in ground clearance.
2/The mounting brackets of the struts or the shocks are not a indicating factor.They are just mounting points.
3/The main factor are the intestines of the strut and the shock which you do not see and regardless of the mounting points, their characteristics may differ dramatically.
4/I can roll a weekend edition newspaper with 100 pages to the same diameter with a Tuesday's edition paper.If hit with the weekend edition you will feel the hit while Tuesdays edition will be barely felt.
Awsome experience, I bet.
I'm thrilled you find your new set up to your satisfaction.
Thank you so much for the feedback.
Glad to see that in your model year too the ABS disconnection does not affect the 4X4 engaging.
Keep it up and give your rig a good wash. :beer: :beer: :beer:
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