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Svc Manager tries to scare me away from DIY brake job

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I asked a ford Dealer's service manager about doing my own disc brake job (I think I need front brakes) in my 2007 Escape Hybrid. Even the best pads are cheap enough (<$120) but the service manager warned me about this job.

He said I could be electrocuted. He said the pads come with a rubber hammer used to hit the person on the head if they are being electrocuted. I took this as a statement of humor but am worried about attempting this myself because of the electrical connections (recharging system)
associated with the brakes. I've changed disc brakes for decads in many different models (Ford, Honda) but never for a hybrid.

Obviously this is a profitable job for the service department so I know I should take this with some incredibly huge grains of salt.

The shop manual is $160 and not in stock, and I can't find anything online about this except for some warnings about shutting off a hydraulic system beforehand for some unknown reason. I need to do this job on Monday for our state inspection.

So now I'm REALLY nervous about doing this. Any advice?
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Squishy said:
Pads (includes caliper removal): viewtopic.php?f=28&t=3375
Caliper (if you need to replace caliper): viewtopic.php?f=28&t=3376
Rotor: viewtopic.php?f=28&t=3379

Have a helper nearby with a rubber mallet/wooden chair, just in case. :D
Crap Squishy! I don't know what I did with the hammer...I've got the wooden chair. :tease:
Heck, just wear some rubber shoes and don't touch anything metallic. You'll be fine... :worry: :worry: :worry: :worry: :lightning:
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