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Swapping headlight bulbs

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I tried swapping out my stock headlight bulbs for some Silverstars H13s last night in my 09 Escape with my bare hands, to no avail. Bulbs wouldn't twist, and I noticed that the one one the driver's side might be more difficult than originally expected. (I did get the amber bulbs from both sides out though, to look at, before my Silverstar Signals arrive.) Is there actually a way to remove the bulb without breaking fingers, ripping skin off my fingers (which happened last night, :cuss: ), or removing the front bumper? Maybe I am just weak and need to hit the gym.

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Just got my Silverstar H13s today... but I tried to remove the bulbs and they're pretty much stuck. I looked at the manual for a diagram of the bulb casing and I found the pieces where you can use your fingers to push against, but all I ended up doing was cutting off circulation to parts of my finger because I couldn't get the bulb to move. The amber bulbs, no problem (I ordered Silverstar Signals for those already, they are en route to my place)... but the H13s... what will I have to do if I don't have the resources or time to remove the entire front bumper?

I have an 09 Escape, btw.
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andjayik said:
I managed to do them with my hands, hurt a litlle but got them done. U will still notice the silverstar being yellow. Get the hid kit and it will be awsome. :beer:
I was thinking about it, but I think I'm going to wait on it. I read somewhere that it is illegal to have reflector headlights and HID lights, but I've yet to hear of someone who has been ticketed or pulled over because of overly-bright lights. My goal right now is just less yellow than what it is now...
To those who read this post: with the help of a nearby Ford dealership (and $20, which isn't too bad, imo), a strong mechanic, and a wrench (which was really used), I got the Silverstars in, and they look good. They will do me justice, since I'm not into the whole HID gig. Also got the Silverstar Signals in; they look great and match the blue of the car. Pictures soon within the signature line, once I get there.
I was a little skeptical of the silver bulbs (not sure why), but I'll get a picture of the bulbs I installed soon!
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