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Swapping out stock MACH Sub

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So I have came to the conclusion that I want to keep my back storage space for other than a huge subwoofer box. I currently have my amp setup to run the stock sub...but I am looking to replace that sub with something that doesn't distort as much :doh:

I found this: Clicky

Anyone else got any thoughts?
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I say go for it. It's not too large a risk, and if you don't like it your not out nearly three hundred bucks for one of those "World Class" Speakers.

World Class = :confused:

The sales reps at CC and BB have thrown that at me lately when I have been in both places.
$.25 words with a meaning of I don't know what, are they are trying to impress me?
I don't know how this fits into with what is current in audio technology. But the less impedance you have, the more power that goes to whatever device (speaker) is at the end of the wire. If it's half the impedance, it should result in twice the power being delivered to the device. If you have a 100 watt amp, and a 2 ohm speaker, it should drive like equally (performs the same) to a speaker with a 200 watt amp, and a 4 ohm speaker. Essentially, it sounds like more for your money. You do have to be carefull you don't overdrive your speaker however. If it's rated for 100 watts at 4 ohms, you do not want to hook it to a 200 watt amp. You can, but you just can not crank the volume up or else you'll first get lots of distortion, then a broken speaker, or speaker coil.

the speakers specs:

8" Shallow-Mount CompVT Subwoofer
Power Handling:
Peak: 400 watts (that's the spike in power you would see on an Oscilloscope)
RMS: 200 watts ("normal" operating max power you should send to it)
IMPP woofer cone material
Santoprene surround
Suitable for marine use
Sprialead technology
4 ohm voice coil
Steel basket allows sub to keep cool
Frequency response: 30-350000 Hz (human hearing is roughly 20 to 20,000 Hz, so you won't hear all the music that this speaker is capabile of producing)
Sensitivity: 84.8 dB

My guess is that your amp and the speaker are fairly well matched. Beware, Price and specs don't necessarily mean good sound quality. And like I said before, it's not much at risk in buying that speaker for your Escape. Try it, you might like it! :yes:
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