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Swapping out stock MACH Sub

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So I have came to the conclusion that I want to keep my back storage space for other than a huge subwoofer box. I currently have my amp setup to run the stock sub...but I am looking to replace that sub with something that doesn't distort as much :doh:

I found this: Clicky

Anyone else got any thoughts?
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hey scooter why dont you look into one of those mtx enclosures like surf has? It doesnt take up that much room and will give you much more airspace for a better sub so you can be louder and of better quality but the cvr shallow mount is a pretty good series from what I have heard. If the sub is a single voice coil than you will want to get a 2 ohm sub so you can get more output from your amp
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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