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Swapping out stock MACH Sub

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So I have came to the conclusion that I want to keep my back storage space for other than a huge subwoofer box. I currently have my amp setup to run the stock sub...but I am looking to replace that sub with something that doesn't distort as much :doh:

I found this: Clicky

Anyone else got any thoughts?
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Is the MACH woofer a 6.5" or an 8"? I can't tell because of the 2 layers of grilles covering it...
8"....KICK AZZ...I love small subs...they can still play fairly deep and loud with the proper enclosure, and they are tight and accurate sounding too. If my stock sub wears out, I'll replace it with an 8" Infinity or JBL...

Thanks for the clarification!
The OEM 8" sub and component sets in the front doors/a-pillars are very respectable for what they are. If you get a newer CD-6 HU, it will have a DSP feature, (this is what I have), and with it engaged, it brings the front stage higher, and makes the output from the tweeters more pronounced. The sub actually thumps/rumbles the interior very well, and with the windows down, you can tell there is a decent stereo in the truck if you are outside (I've had people in cars in front of me look in their review mirrors to see where the bass was/is coming from). Is it going to last? I don't know, it should for a while, especially with it being made for Ford by JBL. Will it be loud enough? Well, if you were used to 8" subs in a previous vehicle, then maybe. I know for me it is.

Best of luck finding a MACH stereo, and on the conversion!
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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