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L.O. = Hello! :lol:

R.U.B.C.= Are you busy? :lol:

S.V.R.B.C.= Yes! We are busy :lol:

F.U.N.E.X. = Have you any eggs? :hyst: :lol:

S.V.F.X. = Yes! We have eggs. :hyst:

F.U.N.E.M. = Have you any ham? :lol:

9 = Nein = no! :hyst:

I.F.C.D.M. = I have see the ham :lol:

V.F.N.10.E.M. = We haven't any ham! :hyst: :hyst:

A.V.F.M. = Eh ! We have ham :lol:

R.= AAAH! ( This is just a sound expression)

O= OH! :lol:

C.D.M. = See the ham! :lol:

O.S.V.F.M.= OH! YES! We have ham :lol:

O.K.M.N.X. = OK! Ham and Eggs. :hyst:

M.N.X. = Ham and Eggs

F.U.N.E.T. = Have you any tea? :lol:

1 T. = One tea as in a cup of tea.

O.K.M.X.N.T. = OK! Ham, eggs and tea :lol:

V.F.N.10.E.X. = We haven't any eggs :hyst:

U.Z.U.F.X. = You said you have eggs!!! :hyst: :lol:

Y.F.N.U.N.E.X.= Why haven't you any eggs? :lol:

I.F.E.10.M. = I have eaten them! :hyst: :hyst:

:hyst: :hyst: :lol: :clap: :thumb:
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