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Tailgate Woes

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Dropped the T into the dealer today to have the tailgate and rear bumper repainted. The hinges have dropped and the top panel has rubbed thru the paint on the bottom panel which in turn has rubbed on the bumper.

While they are fixing that they are also:
Replacing the hinges so it doesn't happen again..
Replacing the tailgate lock actuator due to occasional problem with tailgate not latching.
Reattaching tailgate interior handle.
Replacing broken bonnet lever.
Replacing broken door trims near mirrors (both sides).
Checking rear seatbelt mechanism which occasionally doesn't latch.

Fortunately it is still under warranty and they have given us a demo model while they have ours.
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At least it's under warranty!

How does the Territory compare to the Escape? The Territory is based on a rear-wheel drive car, isn't it?
Yes the Territory's based on the Falcon (rwd car). We have been equally pleased with the Territory as we were with the Escape. The reason we changed from the Escape was the need of more room after the arrival of our 2nd, so we can now easily fit all of our gear plus the dog in the back when we go away for the weekend.

The build quality on the Territory is not of the made in Japan Escapes. There has been a few common problems such as the tailgapte hinge problem & the broken bonnet latch. But the fixes are with updated components so should solve the problem for the long term.

Fuel consumption has been about the same even thou the Territory carries an extra 300 kg and has 30+ kw. I particularly like the engine (straight 6) and gearbox combination over that of the Escape.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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