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Thanks JP!

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Thanks JP for hookin me up! Hes the man for the job if you want something like this done!

Camera isnt the best but had the ugly factory green changed to red!
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:D :thumb:

The LED will become one of the world's greatest inventions.

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Should I start another business?

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So when are you sending me the climate controls?

Then what are you waiting for?

jshak07 said:
i still need my dash done jp!!!!
I'll post a thread of the cluster conversion I did for my Edge, which is very similar to the 2008+ Escape's cluster. It's also completely different from the cluster in earlier E/M/Ts.

Here's part of it:

There's another difference: the factory LEDs are all controlled by a low-side and high-side FET on the cluster board, and they're not rated for a lot of power. The five factory LEDs draw a total of about 65mA, although the board has spaces for two more LEDs that aren't used by the Edge. So I had to design a system to use less than 80mA. The three boards use 39 white 1206-size LEDs in series-connected groups of three, for 13 groups. Each group draws only 5mA, for a total of 65mA, so the current draw isn't any higher, and the FETs don't even get warm. It's funny how much brighter the cluster is now, though.

And it can be done with any color.
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My guess is that the cluster board and the white cavity (shown above) are either similar or identical. My Edge board has the turn signals in the lower group of ten LEDs, while the Escape has them near the top. Those top areas have pads for LEDs on my Edge board, but they're just empty.

But even if they're slightly different, I can get them to work in any color.
I'd need to pick up a can of DupliColor Metalcast in red, and some transparent red plastic sheet, but I could do it.
Weren't you replacing everything in the interior with red lighting?

The red paint would be for the gauge cluster (unless I used red LEDs, which aren't as bright as white LEDs), and the clear red plastic is for the odometer/message center display window below the warning lights.
I'll pick up the paint and the plastic, and I'll let you know when I'm ready.

Dasha said:
JP's pretty much a super hero in my book! :)

(expecting check to arrive any day now....... :D )
Scooter Scott said:
yeah...he's pretty much the man
Right back atchya, my peeps!

I'm not complaining.

Which ones?
If I add any more, Squishy will torture me.

Let me try to make the text box shorter. It IS a little wide.
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