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Thanks JP!

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Thanks JP for hookin me up! Hes the man for the job if you want something like this done!

Camera isnt the best but had the ugly factory green changed to red!
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I took the best pics that I could get but they really light up in person. Ive gotten so many compliments from different dudes in the club wanting to know where I got it done at
i still need my dash done jp!!!!
maybe one day i will learn what all that means.. :bang: so how different do you think the escape and the edge dash are?
so can you do my dash?
jpark said:
I'd need to pick up a can of DupliColor Metalcast in red, and some transparent red plastic sheet, but I could do it.
what would that stuff be for?
Ok your the man and you know what to do so I wont question your tactics!! :clap: The message part under the warning lights isnt very fancy on mine,, all it is is the odometer it doesnt do a gas countdown or anything, but yea let me know a price and a time to send it to you man cuz i cant wait to get it done!!
1 - 7 of 48 Posts
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