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Thanks JP!

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Thanks JP for hookin me up! Hes the man for the job if you want something like this done!

Camera isnt the best but had the ugly factory green changed to red!
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JP, when you added this one:


now the whole list of smilies are between the text formatting buttons and the message entry window. I have to slide up and down every time I want to do text formatting. Is it because the image is so wide? Any way to fix it short of me having to change my display settings (increasing setting makes my fonts to hard to see). Currently set to 1024x768 on a 19" lcd monitor.
Mine did the same at work...but on my 22" monitor it doesn't matter :) Maybe JP just needs to make the text box shorter...
Mine works, suckers :yahoo:
Let me try to make the text box shorter. It IS a little wide.
Scooter Scott said:
I LIKE THAT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumb:
41 - 48 of 48 Posts
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