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The person who bought our boat drove this...

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Yes, I was :drool: ! I love that blue!

Don't know what they towed it away with....hubby met them at our credit union in Austin on Tuesday after they decided to buy it.
monkey-1 said:
Cool ride and killer color. Why did we sell the boat??
Hubby wants a bigger boat. :shrug: :D
You guys are funny! :D

BC, thanks for answering #42 on my list of "Things I Wonder About......." :lol:

I'll post a pic of the boat we sold later........going to meet my brother (from Galveston) for dinner.
camusdarrach said:
And, a hubby e :lol: xplenation
Well, at least it wasn't number 1!!! :blush: :bust: :lol:

Oh, and PK, Caddo Lake is the only natural lake in Texas.

Um, I'm going to dinner now.....with my brother. :)P
After I wash my hair. :lol:
camusdarrach said:
What boat is this??? :shrug:
Thats been kept very quiet, but how did he tow it away, I can't see a towhitch??? :shrug: ;)
Oh, hubby said they towed it away with an older model Chevy truck.
drescape08 said:
glad everyone likes that escape and color of blue since that is what i bought. freshly washed and waxed it is beautiful if i have to say so myself. mine doesnt have the roof rack but it does have some nice 18" chrome wheels to make up for it. as soon as i get a chance ill post picts of my baby.
Hurry up already!!! :rant:

1 - 10 of 46 Posts
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