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It was a spur of the moment. :)
So i decided to, capture their progress by camera.

All the memorial garden roads, are sealed with bitumen.
Obviously roads, are not ideally picturesque. :shrug: :shades:
There are trees, gardens and shrubbery, all through the cemetry.

Anyway my focus, was on the young ducks.
Could not get too close, as they would be frightened.

So fortunately this is why, i have my adjustable lens on.
Had to keep my distance,but then zoomed in with focal length adjustment.
Please correct me if ' focal length adjustment ', is the wrong terminology.

Glad i invested in the " Twin lens kit ".
On the first shot, the cemetry road is empty.
Was not expecting ducks, so they were a pleasant surprise. :)

They have nearly arrived, at their desired objective.
I ascertain there is a water pond, somewhere in the garden.

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