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Thinking of buying a 2005 Ford Escape with a dead 2.3L

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Hi all,

I got a quick question. I'm thinking about buying a 2005 ford escape with a dead 2.3L engine. Unfortunately when I searched for junk yard engines, 2.3L used for the escape is very rare and expensive. So I'm wondering about intervehicle exchangeability.

1st: Will ford's OTHER 2.3L engines (like Mazda 3 or fusion) fit? Because of I have the old engine, I can swap the intake and sensors if need be. I don't want to swap the heads if I don't have to. But the engine mount and block are the main concerns.

2nd: How easy or hard will it be to swap a 3.0L in there? These are CHEAP and everywhere! I can probably get a fairly complete engine from a yard. It doesn't seem like the transmission is different between the two types. What I'm worried about is the exhaust and such. If too much work has to be done, then it is not worth it.

Thank in advance for any insights!

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There is a reason it is for sale. My guess is that it isn't easy, or inexpensive to put back into service.
That's buying a pig in a poke! Price is right, but where oh where did it come from?
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