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time for repairs.

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wow, so my battery is screwed, my left rear wheel squeals like crazy and the tranny shudder is back. this escrap is gonna cost me a bit of money soon i think. lucky for me i already have a battery for it, (optima red top). and the rear shocks are a bit wet so i should replace them before i have to tow my trailer lol.
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Hi! CrashNburn. :) Best of luck with the repairs. I hope my gearbox stays reliable. Recently cooked the oil in it. The service tech ,dumped the old perished oil and pumped in some new tranny oil. Yes, it was scary feeling my whole car shake from front through to the rear end. Not exaggerating, because it had a severe shudder. The entire length of escape body was shaking as i cruised home on the freeway.

I immediately pictured a worst case scenario. :worry: Fortunately there were no other gearbox issues. He indicated i was lucky because of my escape being reasonably new. Have only clocked up about 70,000 kms so far. The technician mentioned that with excessive offroad mudding in future, there was a fair chance of possible major repairs to the auto tranny or the rear transaxle. So henceforth i have discontinued my offroad adventures.

Must admit it would have been self induced. The service techs have reminded me that escapes or any other model suv, are basically engineered for random and mild offroad travels. Have to confess that past mudding adventures were quite intense. Basically i was going for it something chronic. The mechanic explained to me that our escapes down under , have been known to have gearbox issues. I enquired about expense involved on rear transaxle and auto tranny repairs.

My service tech enlightened me that repair bill would be a horrible shock. It was estimated at something in quite a few thousand dollars, depending on how severe the damage is. YIKES!
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Merely an afterthought. This is in context of " time for repairs". I hope no one feels dissapointed, when the time is opportune for me to trade in the escape. :confused: :worry: :cry: Must admit i have no mechanical expertise or knowledge. Overall have been quite content with the escape. For driving on bitumen roads it is very competent. When not at work, during spare time, i gain immense joy in cruising long distances on sealed roads.

Basically the escape is a smooth driving car as in " smooth as silk". Exceptionally comfortable also. It is one of the few cars where i have been over to victoria, and have a pit stop at a roadhouse cafe without feeling any aches or limb discomfort. For example i leave adelaide and drive past the victorian border to " Mildura". Have clocked up maybe 800 kilometres. HO HUM! This is all so incredibly relaxing. I get out of the car and have a stretch. Refuel the petrol tank. Next is a light snack and a drink. Just before i settle into my drivers seat, it amazes me how comfortable i am physically.

The legs have no aches and are not tired. Is my back sore? Not at all. What about the lumbar section of anatomy? No problems there. Are both arms tired? Definitely not. SENSATIONAL! But then i know exactly why. They have designed the driving experience to be ergonomic as possible. Suffice it to say i like the escape in general, but it is just that the unpredictable automatic transmission in vehicle worries me.

Other people will possibly never experience any CD4E issues. I will hazard a guess that my gearbox is possibly an odd one from the batch. With all due respect i apologise in advance for the next comment. Basically it concerns me that the tranny will develop into a ' lemon' type problem. Can not take the chance, that my gearbox will develop major problems in future. This is why i am trading in the escape, because of this transmission dilemma.
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