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Tinted Headlights

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Hey guys, hope ur all doing fine !
This is my latest mod! I removed the eyelids and tinted the entire headlights.
Still good visibility at night, nothing to worry about.

And as you can see I also added the "Famous F" [Mostly because it's my initial
and because I like the style :D]
Let me know what u think !
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It does look good but that would be illegal in NJ and you would be pulled over by the first cop that noticed them. We are not permitted to put anything over the head or taillights. I've even failed inspections for the Ford OEM Taillight Covers that don't actually cover any part of the lens that lights up but just the areas in between and around the those areas. Here is a picture:

I'm actually surprised that they haven't said anything about my 3rd brake light cover that glows with the word ESCAPE when I hit the brakes. After all it is actually covering a part of the lit area... :wacko:
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jonas1022 said:
Careful Robt., brake light lables covering your illuminated center brake lite! Your living on the edge!
:lol: Yea... I'm a rebel :bill:
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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