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Tire size

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I hav been looking around at different mud tires. But, I like the BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2's. I was wondering what is the biggest size I could run on my 2007 Escape. I want a mud tire and I want to go as big as I can. Maybe someone has a suggestion about another tire? Either way I'd like to know and this seems like the right place to ask! :kneel:
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A 30x10.50 is probably the biggest you'll want to go. Surfscape would know better, but I think you can shove a 31" tire in there if your wheels have the right offset. The rubbing occurs on the inside edge of the tire while turning, so having narrower tires or a wheel that sticks out will allow you to go slightly taller. However, we can't change our gearset, so the higher you go, the more the Escape will drive like a bus.
Thanks man you have been a big help with both my posts. I don't really care about the bus bit. But, but I think that if I do the rims as well then the rub will be minumum. On stocks though, how much rub do you think will occur while turn with a 30 or a 31?
I ran 255/75/16s Goodyear MT/Rs and never had a rub. I have talked with several that had the 31x10.5s and they had some rub on turns like Squishy said.
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Thanks surfscape! I Think that I may go with the 255's. Or maybe the 30's. From what I've been reading, the 30's don't rub and if they do it's on U turns.

PS- Do you have anymore pictures of your Escape because, IT'S AWESOME MAN! :drool:

Thanks for compliments ... page two is the lifted 4x4 version
i got 16' on mine can i drop down to 15 winter to save $$ and if so what size in a 15 do i use?
Awesome it looks great! That's what I had in mind!
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