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Tire swap question

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I'm thinking of buying some snow tires for my rims and making them my permanent winter rims, then buying some new 17 or 18" this summer.

My question: can I take my stock tires that have about 70% tread left (235/70/R16) and put them on my gf's Hyundai Santa Fe that currently has size 225/70/R16 tires? I realize they will be 10 mm wider but I assume this should be ok?

Additionally, has anyone had any experience with any of the following tires:

Michelin X-Ice xi2
Bridgestone Blizzak
General Altimax Arctic

Obviously the General's price point is attractive, but I am definitely considering all three. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!!
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I can answer the first question. I'll be asking the second set sometime in October for myself as I'm looking for a winter set of shoes soon.

The difference is more than just width. The 235 tires are also a little taller. First number is the width. The 70-part of the wheel info tells you how tall the sidewall is relative to the width. 0.70 x 235 = 164.5mm or around 6.48 inches. 0.70 x 225 = 157.5mm or 6.2 inches.

This translates into a taller ride and also some speed reading changes.

Total height
6.5 x 2 = 13 + 16" wheel = 29" wheel and tire
6.2 x 2 = 12.4 + 16" wheel = 28.4" wheel and tire

Speed is based on circumference
29*pi = 91.11inch/rotation
28.4*pi = 89.22inch/rotation

Resulting in a 2% difference in your speedometer... so in your instance, a little faster... I think.

Hope this helps!

P.S. I think someone on here uses the Mich ice tires.
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