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To add a Black Bull Bar or Not?

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I am thinking of adding a black bull bar to my escape. This is how it stands now:

Thoughts and any other Mods you think would look good on my truck? It was a gift from my parents for graduating college a year ago.
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Thanks for the input!

I think I am going to go ahead and try and get an all black bull bar off ebay and have a local dealer install it or would it be relatively easy to install myself? (I guess that depends on the model etc)...

I think it will look awesome. Hope to get this done in about 3 weeks.
I might also purchase the rear spoiler Colleen has on her Mariner and Escape, it seems to be on sale for 59.00 unpainted and 75.00 painted with the $25 shipping from

Sounds like a good deal to me!
So I went ahead and purchased the rear spoiler painted black.

Here is what it looks like on a blue escape: ... roduct=606

AND from Colleens old 08 Escape on CarDomain in the pearl slate color which is closer to the black I ordered:

Thanks Colleen for the recommendation, I can't wait to install it on my escape!
SUVord said:
Really nice car NYCescape. Rear spoiler is good painted black.
I would be a bit cautious, though, concerning other exterior mods.They may add to someones aesthetics but subtract in a major way from the car's off-road capabilities.You add a bull bar, for example, and the front escape angle deminishes.Side steps give it a toughy look with pictures of vackeros hanging on the side, but come a difficult and narrow off-road trail and you realizing that they hold you frozen.On top of that consider the extra weight which translates into extra gas and on and on and on.Simple is beautiful and far more functional.
If, on the other hand, off-road is not your gimmick, then go ahead.Surprise us all.

PS.Be aware of the sand dunes in the Hamptons.
I hear what you are saying, I don't want to "jazz" up the car too much. I like the looks of the spoiler I ordered compared to the rear roof deflector Ford sells for much more. Just doesn't do it for me. I don't do any off-roading, mostly city driving and some turnpike driving. I would only get the bull bar in black and it would as you said be for aesthetic reasons. I am trying to decide if the bull bar will look okay now that I have added the spoiler, which gives the car a more sporty look to it. I have already added the black grille, which I think has been my best edition, making the car one uniform color. However I am now torn on whether to go ahead with an all black bull bar, with the spoiler.

Everyone has told me to go for it, so in the long run I will probably add the bull bar, but maybe I will wait to hear some more opinions and see how the spoiler looks on before I add anything else! :thumb:
I thought about it the past couple of days and I decided I am not going to put a black bull bar on my Escape. I am expecting the spoiler I ordered tomorrow and will hopefully have it installed by the end of this weekend. I don't want to do so many mods to "junk" up my Escape. I think the spoiler will add a sporty look to my Escape, along with the all black grille that I installed- it will look sharp. I believe a black bull bar would kind of take away from the black grille and its sport appearance.

The last mod I would like to get is either some back-up sensors or a rear back-up camera. I saw that it is installed in the rear view mirror which is interesting. I wonder what the price differences are for this job?
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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