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Torque Wrench

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Anyone have any recommendations on what range of ft. lbs. I need in a torque wrench for the garage? I'll be mostly be rotating tires, I looked at a 20-150 ft. lb. one earlier.
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The range you listed would be good for all large torques. IMO, I would get 2 wrenches. The one you listed and a lower one for bolts that are below 20 ft. lbs. (240 in. lbs.)
I have two in the upper ranges. They are the old style with the gauge and pointer...real accurate! ;)
I have a old Craftman micrometer type that is from 10-150 ft/lbs. I think, a Craftsman beam type in. lb that goes down to 10 in. lbs. and a Proto micrometer type that's from 10-200 in/ lbs. You'll not find a micrometer style that goes down to 10 in/lbs anywhere now!
Use a 1/2" for lug nuts -- most are torqued at 100 ft-lbs

May also need a 3/8" for smaller needs.
I had my elbow calibrated many years ago. When I reach the right torque it POPS :bang: hammer is my favorite tool.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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