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I checked out the toshiba site. HMMM!
Originally thought, the 'Qosmio' would be discontinued.
Have not seen it, in any adelaide stores as yet.

It must have, been released quite recently.
My Qosmio is the X300 series.
Even though i am renting it, will not go for the upgrade.
Quite happy with the specs on mine.

It appears the new model range, is designated as Qosmio X500.
They have, done quite a few changes.
"Blue ray", plus some other technologies.
The X500 has gaming specs, but now with an 18" screen.

I like it overall, but somehow the lid does not grab me.
Anyway the flame design on my lid, appeals to my aesthetics.
The new 18" screen, Qosmio X500 looks reasonable.
Impressive features and specs overall.
But i am not keen on the lid.

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