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The ' Toshiba T1200XE ' was my first notebook. It may seem retro by todays standards, but it was sufficient for my circumstances.

I purchased it to program my commercial Icom uhf. The transceiver was cloned from a directory in dosshell version 5.0. The actual windows program would have been WIN Ver 3.0. Also i could reboot and program my uhf radio, directly from Ms.Dos mode.

It only had a hard drive and floppy disk device. There was no cd rom drive. Also this little notebook was a good learning curve, in context of practicing different command lines. So basically the laptop shown can be used, to program the contents of a uhf transceiver

A radio clone lead is attached to com port of lappy. The other end of this lead looks like a phone jack, which is clipped into the radio microphone socket.

I would enter the command line of C:/ UHF/ EX1764.Exe

Then a program opens up which is known as a cloning application. Read from transceiver? YES/NO

Write to transceiver ? YES/NO

The radio data is re-edited. I save the file as for an example of ' NoName.ICF.' Now the edited and saved radio file, can be written or cloned back to the Icom commercial radio. The notebook actually sends the file info ,back into my radio via the clone lead.

Sorry to go off topic here. When the lappy reads a radio, the uhf screen appears as CLONE IN. After the data has been sent back with no errors, the uhf display will show as CLONE OK.

I no longer own the T1200XE. It had a monochrome monitor and all the usual DOS Ver 5 programs. QBasic, Edlin, File Manager . :)

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Wow, that's an old one. My first laptop was a Hitachi M-120D, circa 1995. Still going strong after 13 years. 120 MHz Pentium, 32 MB memory, 1.5 GB hard drive, Windows NT4. Memory is maxed out, and I can't find an upgraded hard drive small enough for the BIOS to handle, but I did add wireless connectivity to it.
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