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Towing harness behind bumber?

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I noticed i have a harness behind the bumber. Theres a wire harness for like 14$ that plugs into it. My question is will this 14$ harness give me power to the brake lights and turning signals on a trailer rather then buying a 80$ harness that hooks up to the tail lights?
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Yes it will...that's what it is there for.
Certainly! I had to get one from the auto parts house for my pickup years ago. Cut wires, the whole enchilada :cuss:. Nowdays it's just plug and play :thumb: . Or in the case of the E/M/T, just pull down and play... :yahoo:
my factory installed one got all corroded and stopped working so me being the cheap guy that i am, purchased the cheapest trailer extension i could fin, and cut soldered and heat shriked the thing and now store the wire under the tire cover.
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