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Towing package

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Ok, I did a search here but couldn't find the exact answer to my question.. if it's somewhere else on this board I'd appreciate a link! Now on with my question...

I just bought a 2010 Escape 2.5 I4, but the one I got did not come with the towing package. The chances were slim of finding one with all the same options I wanted in the same color with the towing package, so here I am.. I really only want the trailer hitch for things like a bike rack or luggage carrier. I don't expect to ever actually tow a trailer or anything. So my question is, what parts do I need to install a towing package? I like the look of the factory trailer hitch package, so that's probably what I'll want.. I don't want it to hang down below the bumper.. so yeah... Obviously I don't know what all is involved parts and labor wise, so any information would be great!

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Save yourself a ton of money and get a hidden hitch receiver. I have a 2010 as well with no towing package and I got one for mine to put on my bike carrier. It mounts easily and the chassis has the holes already. You just have to file a bit of 2 openings a bit wider to accept the bolts. Mine is a Class I, 1-1/4" receiver and it works perfectly. Not sure what the factory one looks like but I remember it in the same location as mine - directly under the bumper. It cost $152 delivered to my door.

Here is where I got mine:

4th one down.
I am not sure about the 09/10 body with the receiver hitch location. I haven't seen a new one yet with the hitch. But I know the older models did have the square cut-out in the bumper for it. It does look cleaner. But like you said a difference of over $300 will make you think about it. It actually looks really clean. They also offer a Class II, 2" receiver for bigger cargo.
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