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Towing package

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Ok, I did a search here but couldn't find the exact answer to my question.. if it's somewhere else on this board I'd appreciate a link! Now on with my question...

I just bought a 2010 Escape 2.5 I4, but the one I got did not come with the towing package. The chances were slim of finding one with all the same options I wanted in the same color with the towing package, so here I am.. I really only want the trailer hitch for things like a bike rack or luggage carrier. I don't expect to ever actually tow a trailer or anything. So my question is, what parts do I need to install a towing package? I like the look of the factory trailer hitch package, so that's probably what I'll want.. I don't want it to hang down below the bumper.. so yeah... Obviously I don't know what all is involved parts and labor wise, so any information would be great!

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Just for info, tow package with oil trans cooler from ford as an option comes only with v-6.

but as already said, very easy to find aftermarket hitch that will fit on i-4 escape...
yeah, want i mean is if you choose an escape with i-4, in package and options, the towing kit doesn't appear. All you can do is go on optional accessories and get hitch and wire harness. and they say that towing capacity should be limited by powertrain (what is obvious) :)
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