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Hey guys requesting info available. I have a 2009 escape xlt v6 2 wd . I had a 2002 escape before and would tow a 3000 lb hard top camper with it with not to many problems. Got the 2009 suv now and also got a new tracle trailer now which weighs in at 3300 lb. This truck did not come with the tow package. When i drove the new trailer home i noticed a huge diffrence between the old truck the old truck seamed to tow better than this one in reguards to the transmision does not want to shift down at highway speeds @ 60 mph its is reving at almost 3000 rpms. My questions are according to my ford dealer there is a trans cooler allready installed on all escape and ford does not show a option for another oil cooler has anyone installed one?.

Is there a chip that can be installed on these units that will change the shifting. thta could hold a gear longer i quess. Just asking to see if anyone is towing around the 3000 to 3500 lb and your feed back.

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There's the overdrive-off button on the shifter that should delay gear changes...
jw3s said:
I have a question for all who have towed with their escape and also any other trucks. is it just me or is it really loud inside the cab vs. pulling with a truck. i would guess it has to do with having no frame and having no bed between you and trailer.

any thoughts?
I can let you know in within the next 2-3 weeks. I will be moving out of the dorms and into my sublease.
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