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Toyota & Lexus Potentially Deadly Floor Mats

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Toyota and Lexus advised drivers to remove floor mats or risk a forced down accelerator pedal that could lead to a fatal crash. ... 2009092918

I had a problem with this in a 1985 300ZX. The floor mat would slip up when accelerating hard and a crease near the accelerator pedal would hold it down. It doesn't seem to be a problem with my Escape. There's a tab on the floorboard that fits through a hole in the mat to hold it steady.
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Audi had a similar problem back in the 80s. I think they termed it unintended acceleration. Everyone involved ran around looking at everything to blame except the dang floormat. :bill:

Good to see that Toyota is taking care of this with at least a warning. Which is more than what Audi did, even after being sued and nearly driven from the North American Market.
Had this same problem with my Dad's '86 Sable.
This is why Ford puts retention pins on all of its driver-side factory floor mats.

I have the factory all-weather (heavy rubber) floor mats in both my Edge and Fusion, and they don't shift around at all.
My old '02 Explorer's gas pedal use to get stuck all time by the floormat, and the mat was hooked in its correct location.
1987 2.8L 2wd chev blazer. when to turn left and the throttle stuck. spun the tires and spun a 180. put it into neutral and killed the engine while in the spin. the cop that was at the corner got out of he car and was walking over as i was trying to unjam the floor mat in the pouring rain. when he seen what i was doing he laughed and said have a good day. i make a pint to pull my floor mat back into position almost every time in get into my vehicle.
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