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Trans, rear diff and transfercase questions

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I have a 2005 2.3L 4x4 escape with 103k on it. I just picked this up and I assume the trans, rear diff, transfercase oil has never been changed. I think since its a 05 it will have Mecron V tranny oil?

I also read earlier today but cannot find, that the transfercase uses a synthetic and the rear diff does not. I would like to use exactly what ford recommends as I will be doing this to my 05 escape and my dads 05 escapte v6 at the same time.

Right now most of the time the suv runs fine, but sometimes randomly the trans feels like it slips more than it should. Specially in D (1st gear from a stop) and pressing the gas the rpm's go slightly up then catch and since its only sometimes I figure a trans oil change should fix that....Anyone buy the trans oil at a ford dealer?
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I just did the drain/fill on my trans and thought the drain would be about 3.5-3.8 quarts...well it was only 2-2.2. Also the oil was a dark red with no burning smell so I think the dealer swapped fluid before I bought it. So I filled another 1-1.5 quarts in and sure enough no its in the normal fill level. So my slipping may of been from being 1-1.5 quarts low! I drove around and no real issue yet.

BUT I did just try to do the rear its on there. I ended up taking a baster and tube and sucking out the oil. I got over 2 quarts out of it. The manual states it should only have 1.4 quarts though.... I put about 1.2 in and with out driving it a while and its leaking out the fill plug... sooo was it over filled or am I crazy?
holy wrong conversion! I pulled just over 2 pints out. so 2 pints = 1quart so I pulled probably 1.2 quarts which is about what I put never mind I should be
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