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Transmission Acting Funky...Reboot?

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Quick question....I've been doing some reading about people having some similar issues like I've had with my tranny over the past few weeks. For some reason, it feels like my tranny isn't shifting where it should, shifting hard, and just recently, I was traveling out to a freinds camp, driving on some hilly backroads, unless I moderately pressed on the gas while going up hills, the tranny couldn't make up its mind about what gear to be in.... :confused:

The first quick fix I have read on here is to disconnect your battery and let your computer "re-learn" it's shift points and there any specific time you have to let the battery stay disconnected to erase previous settings? Also, after resetting, is there any particular driving habits I should observe while the computer adjusts? :shrug:

Any ideas would be appreciated! I have one of those U.S. Fidias warranties....(I know I know...I was nervous with the high mileage..) but it has no deductabile and apparently covers tranny any ideas would be great. :)

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Squishy said:
Oh, a "transmission flush" definitely can hurt. Any sort of chemical flush, back-flush, or high-pressure flushing procedures should be avoided on higher mileage transmissions.

A few years ago there were a rash of transmission failures after adding Mercon V to a CD4E transmission originally filled with Mercon, although Ford claims to have fixed any incompatibilities with a new formula. Since you're experiencing problems after a flush, I would immediately switch back to Mercon. The dealership will only put Mercon V in, as the Mercon licences have expired and that fluid no longer exists as far as Ford is concerned.
I posted a question in a different thread about the drain fill using merc v in an 05 limited, thinking mercron was no longer available.So now my question is :If mercon is available should I stick with that ,and if so would you recomend a brand ? Thanks
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