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Transmission Possible Problems

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I bought a 2002 Escape with 88,000 Kms and really like it, but lately I've been reading some really concerning reports about the transmissions needidng to be rebuilt right around that mileage. Mine works very smooth so far and I don't have the previous vehicle history. Should I be concerned?

Thanks for your help.
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The transmission in the Escape is not considered one of the better units on the market and there have been quite a few failures documented over the years on the different sites. I haven't seen nearly as many lately though. I believe a majority of the higher mileage failures have to do with people not changing the fluid often enough or using the wrong fluid. There was a known issue a few years back when Ford started recommending that Mercon V be used in place of regular Mercon. There were several failures reported after that. From my understanding, Ford revised the formula and there haven't been many, if any, issues reported since.

IMHO... So long as you are up on your fluid changes and the proper fluids have been used, you should be fine. Unless of course you are the guy in the following video:

hurk said:
Edit: Also, if you find any posts by justagirl, she's a Ford engineer.
I tried looking justagirl up on the members list and she's not there. I don't think she ever posted here. She was just on the "other" E-C.
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