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Question: Someone mentioned a U-haul hitch they got. Does U-Haul do a good job of installing hitches? I plan on getting one soon only for when I move so I can haul a small trailer. Anyone got anything positive or negative about U-haul installing it?

Also, do they install the wiring as well?

Answer:Ya I had my hitch installed at UHual, and I think they did a pretty good job of it. They had a decent price for the hitch, maybe around $130. Installation technically took 30 min, although I waited about 90 min. I guess they were in a good mood and decided not over charge me. From what I can see the hitch was bolted on properly, and if they had to remove the bumper, the reinstalled it properly too. I also spent the $5 on the lifetime warranty.

They do install wiring, in fact they installed wiring for me even though I didn't ask for it or pay for it! So I don't know what kind of wiring options they have or how much they cost. I was planning on using that Ford wiring assembly that connects the 4-way wire in the bumper to the 4 flat connector on the trailer. But once I bought the cable I found out that that wire isn't even wired into the fuse panel or anything. So it's a good thing that UHual accidentally installed their wiring kit or I would have been SOL for a while. That being said, the kit they installed was not a powered one. It worked well enough for a while, but it would cause my turns signals to stop working after a few seconds of use.

With your 2004, you might be able to make use of the wiring assembly. I know that it could be added after the fact in 2002. You just needed to upgrade the flasher as well. Do you know if the flasher is in the same place in your Escape? If so I'd give you my wiring assembly, and then you'd only need to buy a flasher.

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I have had good luck with U Haul as well. They have installed three or four hitches for me in the past.

I did not use them for this hitch because they did not have my Class 3 hitch in stock at the time.
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