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Update to my intro and switchbox/light install

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So, I finally got around to taking those pics that I promised. I finished up my first mod, a 6 swtich box for my emergency response lights (just the beginning :thumb: ). So far I have a single windshield mounted blue-blue dual LED light by Whelen and in the rear is a simple smaller blue-blue LED light by Signal. I couldn't find anyplace up front for the switchbox that I purchased so i ended up mounting it in the glove box for a little stealthy action. I could have taken over the center lower storage area, but didn't want to lose it plus the ambient lighting in that area would've been covered. The box just makes it in the glove. So I ran two pwr wires to the rear, one for the light and another for a spare. Picked up a terminal post from Radio Shack to bring all wiring to, especially for future connections. The switchbox has a lamp wire that will turn on the back lighting for the labels, so I got fancy and instead of having it turn on all the time as they recommend using an ignition connection, I wired in a relay to my headlamp switch and it will illuminate only when the lights come one. I figured since I was doing it, I might as well do it right!! Had the whole drivers of the truck opened up for surgery. Spent some time rigging the switchbox in the glove, in-out, in-out, making sure that fitment was just right. There's a nice panel for the fuses on the '08 on the passenger side of the floor console that I have the terminal strip mounted in, so next time I just need to get any +12v wire from whatever it is I want to control to that point and land it on the strip, done! In any case, here are the pics, sorry so winded.


My little helper demanded that she be in the pic!!

Rear light



FYI, if anyone is in need of any electrical help and is local to me I am willing to help if I can make the time. I'm a licensed electrical engineer and love playing with auto electronics. Now allz I need is some more money for mods.
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AHHHHHHHH non of the pictures work! I wanna see, I wanna see! :drool:
Really, I see them fine. They should show for you too I would think? I copied the images links from Snapfish. Anyone else having not seeing? If not, what did I miss. For a tech guy, I've never gotten into picture posting via the links :doh:
All I see are little red squares....... Maybe it's just me. Or my browser?

*EDIT* Tried IE7 and Safari, no go. :wall:
That's funny you say that. That's what I was getting initially. I was even getting it on the hosting site and had to re update one pic. Let's see what others say.
resq51kmg365 said:
All I see are little red squares...
That's what I see too. :shrug: I use Photobucket to link my pics so not familiar w/Snapfish.
I bet the pics look awesome, though. :beer:
I'm getting the red rectangles too. But if I right click the rectangle and click on Properties, I can copy the URL and paste it into a new browser and see the pic (nice install by the way :) ) I'm not sure why they aren't coming up on the site though...

Try copying each of the URLs below into a new browser window and you should be able to see the photos. (Just clicking the link will get you the red box again):|Rup6lQQ|/of=50,590,442|Rup6lQQ|/of=50,590,442|Rup6lQQ|/of=50,590,442|Rup6lQQ|/of=50,590,442|Rup6lQQ|/of=50,590,442

If this works, you should now be able to see the pics in the original post... :shrug: Don't know why but this is working for me...
Ah yes, thank you very much RR! Nice and clean install on the whacker lights! Very subdued (of course very visible when lit I would think.) I was never a fan of anything vector like or roof mounted on personal vehicles. Sharp looking ride! Would have been great if you could find a super tiny switch box, but good alternative in the glovebox (not like it's a siren, and you gotta reach over). I assume the two lights give you a 360? Or do you guys not require that?

I am supposed to be whacked out with a siren to boot, but I am holding out. Not willing to put all the lights and sirens in yet (even if they would look as good as yours do). Maybe by next summer I'll break down......

I didn't see the terminal strip though, or did I miss it? I would like to see that as well.....
All i see is red squares. :shrug: I use photobucket and are not familiar with snapfish. Can anticipate your project looks presentable. :)
Thanks Rob. I just edited the original post and signed up with photobucket. Much easier that way. Lemme know how that worked out for everyone.
I see 'em.

Nice install, and that's a pretty clever (and secure) place for it!
Very nice install! I like it a lot! Nice work!

Your little helper looks very identical to my niece! I'll need to find a pic of her now...
Thanks all for the Kudos. I'm happy as well with the install. I checked it out last night to see the brightness and am really glad that I put it in the glove box. The top row of labels lights up a pretty dark nasty red that would've thrown off the rest of the interior.
Yup... it's working now. Just checked on my laptop. Good job!!!
Very nice. :thumb:

I like the stealthy glove box mount.
Look really good, NoXcape !! :thumb: Your helper is a little cutie !!! :yes:
I like it! I used the open panel next to the headlight switch to mount a single rocker switch for mine, but I think that might be where the moon roof controls are on the XLT's.
Very nice install.. I have a ton of questions as I am also a volunteer firefighter and now own a 2008 Escape XLT. I like the light install and wonder if you have pics of the wiring path etc. I may take you up on your offer to help as I am in New Jersey as well. I've always tinkered with my cars and don't plan on stopping. I have a list in mind, but my wife also loves the new Escape and I have to share sometimes.. Does the glove box door close with the switchbox in there? (I guess it must..) Also where did you run the wires for the front and rear lights. Did you take the plugs off of the lights or did you use a cigar plug adaptor? Do you have wig-wags in the headlights as well? I'm considering adding a flasher using the headlights and fog lights. I am also considering the back flasher with the brake and reverse lights. All of this need to be switched of course. I am also considering putting a scanner in. So once again nice job on the install and stay safe out there.

Hey Joe. Thanks for Kudos on the install. As for your questions...SImmer down now!! LOL I'll do my best to answer them and help you along in your task to mod the new ride.

Does the glove box door close with the switchbox in there?
But of Course, there wouldn't be that element of stealth if it didn't.

Also where did you run the wires for the front and rear lights
The front windshield light is fairly straight forward and goes up the passenger side A-Pillar along the headliner. The rear is powered by a +12V line only. I pick up grounds locally in the rear. When installing the switchbox I ran an extra power line (one for the rear light that I was installing + spare). Ran those two feeds along the drivers side rocker, underneath the panels. I actually just used the spare this weekend on a pair of Hide-A-Way LED strobes that I mounted in the upper unused clear lens (reverse lamp on the bottom, empty on top. Not anymore!!)

Did you take the plugs off of the lights or did you use a cigar plug adaptor
No Ciggy adaptors here. All hardwired to a terminal strip located in the center console in that fuse compartment on the pass side, down by where your feet go??? My switchbox wires all run there so I have easy access to modify/add/remove any runs to the accessories.

Do you have wig-wags in the headlights as well
Nope, not yet anyways.. I have on order some LED lamps that will be mounted in the grill. No current plans to tap the headlights.

As far as flashers in the rear, I would be cautious with that as it is illegal to run colors other than blue really as emergency responders, unless in an officer position. Not that I'm Mr. Law, but I just wanted to point that out to you as an FYI. If only I had more money I could do so much more, push the limits of battery.

So where are you a Volley anywayz? I'm in New Providence.
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