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Hello all. I’ve got an 05 Escape 3.0 with a decent enough stereo so I’ve replaced the factory alternator with a JS-Alternators 240 amp unit. The wiring is not plug-n-play so cutting the connector off and wiring in the alt was needed. I get 14.8 volts whether att idle or cruising which is great! Not so great is the constant on dash battery light (JS said this is normal and won’t affect anything other than being annoying) but, I’m concerned how my battery has acid spilling out the side from the top-off plates. Factory is a 4 wire connector but the install only has me using “
You will need to connect the S wire(red wire) on the pigtail to the positive post on the alternator.
The L wire(blue wire) to the LI wire on your factory wiring.
No other wires are used.”
Seriously man, you got battery acid boiling out??!!!
You better have a fire extinguisher handy. Replace high output alternator with stock alternator immediately

auto mechanics 101, if your alternator is not made for your vehicle, don't install it without major knowledge. Changing the plug isn't going to solve all of your problems. you have more than doubled the output of the factory OEM alternator

I don't know who told you what, but yes, there should be a regulator involved somewhere that prevents overcharging of the battery from occurring. They are usually integral to the correct application of alternator.

you better get yourself a fire extinguisher, or a pair of 50,000 W aircraft landing lights that you can run constantly

I don't know who told you that kind of system needs that kind of juice… They were on crack. Even a winch running under constant load would not require that type of alternator

proper set up involves a secondary battery, not a ridiculously powered alternator for sustained power

be safe my friend! I am not trying to be a jerk or anything
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